R&D Center
Technology Development Platform
Technology Advantages

The technology center of Shanxi Huaxin Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and was rated as a municipal technology center in 2007 and a provincial technology center in 2017. It is a scientific research and development institution independent of the company's operation, management and production departments.


1. Talent advantage: the center has a group of excellent R & D personnel, including 87 technical developers, including 15 senior engineers and personnel with doctor's or master's degree or above. At the same time, the center has established close cooperative relations with many scientific research institutes at home and abroad, and hired more than 20 well-known experts in the industry as the technical consultants of the center, forming the advantage of professional and technical talents.

2. R & D platform: the technical center has several R & D and test platforms for permanent magnet motor, transformer, frequency converter, electric locomotive, high and low voltage power supply and distribution, and has invested more than 10 million yuan to purchase frequency conversion and motor comprehensive loading test platform, high and low voltage power supply and distribution test station, as well as a number of advanced harmonic analyzer, oscilloscope, microcomputer comprehensive tester and other instruments, Meet the new product test equipment and meet the key links such as new product development, prototype trial production and inspection.

3. Foreign exchange and cooperation: the center now carries out technical cooperation with more than 10 scientific research institutions such as China University of mining and technology, Taiyuan University of technology and Shenyang University of technology on permanent magnet motor, power transmission, high and low voltage power supply and distribution and other projects.

4. Research results: the main research results obtained by the center over the years are as follows: at present, it has 61 patents, including 38 utility model patents, 6 invention patents and 17 software copyrights; In 2021, 9 patents have been accepted, including 2 invention patents. The high-tech products implementing the transformation of scientific and technological achievements include permanent magnet direct drive motor, frequency conversion speed regulation system, intelligent charger, explosion-proof battery electric locomotive, three-dimensional iron core transformer, three-dimensional warehouse and other high-tech products.